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Paul has shot many short films, commercials, documentaries and music videos developing a unique regard, working with sincerity and passion.


His experience on different formats (35mm, 16mm, 2K, HD, VHS tape) enable him to understand the technical aspect of cinematography and then uses freely his creativity to reach the style expected. His passion for travelling leads him to source his work by taking street/travel photography on 35mm film wherever he goes. Capturing moments helps him to analyse daily scenes and reinvent how it could be seen.

Paul had the opportunity to shoot documentaries, commercials and music videos in many countries around the world.

Dedicated to filmmaking and visual story telling, he is also interested in experiment. He undertakes personal experimental projects to keep his craft and observations within his work to create a stunning looks in the major projects.

Born in Dijon, France, Paul has always been passionate of Photography and color. In 2009, He went to Manchester (UK) to study Filmmaking and specialise in cinematography. There, he learnt to use his creativity to solve problems on set and started working on his aesthetic of image-maker.

He then moved to London where he worked on film set as a gaffer and AC as well as DoP. He is now based in Istanbul where he carries on filming amazing projects, always looking forward for the next.


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Paul Flamand
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